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Younger Scaffold & Supplies, LLC.
Younger Scaffold & Supplies, LLC.
Younger Scaffold & Supplies is responsible only for the shortages or damages noted on the shipping receipt. Should something be missing or damaged on your order, simply make a note of the items missing or damaged on your delivery receipt. Promptly contact Younger Scaffold & Supplies at 602-799-9682, so that we may arrange to have the missing or damaged items shipped to you. Younger Scaffold & Supplies is not responsible for any missing or damaged items unless they are noted on the shipping receipt.

Payments for all products sold, are due at the time of ordering, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Shipping Charges:
The customer is responsible for all shipping charges. These charges will be shown separately on your invoice and will be agreed upon by the customer prior to shipping.

Scaffold and its associated products require specific training and vary from state to state. While Younger Scaffold & Supplies can offer advice on the proper use, it is the customer’s responsibility to be properly trained and knowledgeable on the rules and regulations that pertain to each individual job.

Returns & Cancellations:
Younger Scaffold & Supplies understands that conditions change that may require a customer to cancel or return the order. Once the products have been shipped, the customer is responsible for all freight charges. Younger Scaffold & Supplies reserves the right to charge a 25% restocking fee and the customer is responsible for any items not returned.

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